Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Leader Talk

I wrote my second post today for Leader Talk regarding professional development and technology. I feel so strongly about this issue because I believe that there is such unlimited potential for student empowerment. Please take some time to peruse Leader Talk; there is some great stuff happening.

Today, I spend the majority of the day cleaning up my office, and I found that I was feeling a little sad thinking about the past six years which I have spent as Vice-Principal. I thought about beginning my to-do list for the fall, and then I thought that at present I have so many things on the go that I would wait until I can fully concentrate on my new job.

I have been missing my son who is still in Kelowna golfing with a couple of golf coaches. They take 16 boys for 8 days for a golf camp. Today they were golfing at Vintage Hills, so I hope they had a good day. Tomorrow they are golfing at the Harvest.

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