Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I would just like a little input regarding the issue of “HATS”. Over the past couple of years, my staff has had a tough time agreeing on the issue of students wearing hats in school. The main problem is the hallways. None of the students wear their hats in class, but in the hallway they put them on their heads as soon as a teacher walks away. I have been of the opinion that this is such a non-issue. There are days that I wish I didn’t feel this way, because it is such an important issue to some of my staff members. I empathize with them, because it is important to feel supported. I want to be supportive, but I just don’t get it. I really could care less if kids wear hats, shorts or halter tops. It just doesn’t matter to me; what does this say about me? I’m still reflecting on this; I’m not sure. Also, our SRC has decided to hold every Friday as a “Hat Day” which in my opinion is contradictory to the hat rule! I have expressed this opinion to the staff, but I think this is an issue which they need to work out. Each student has to pay a dollar to wear their hat for the day (teachers wear jeans and pay the same) and all of the money is donated to Telemiracle. I think this is fantastic; we have worked hard at our contributions to Telemiracle! I think that my noncommittal attitude may be contributing to the issue.

I do feel strongly that kids do not wear clothing with inappropriate messages, but I don’t usually notice these unless someone points it out to me. I think that I am very observant when it comes to personalities and personality conflicts among students, so I’m really not walking around with my head in my papers all day. Any suggestions?

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For those who are interested – I’m still on Orientation Island. I can’t seem to drive, even though I can fly! I’ll get off of the island sometime, but I only have a couple of days before I go to Vancouver for the Sun Run. My name is Camadali Ducatillo if anyone is interested.

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Kelly Christopherson said...

Hi C - I believe that this is an issue that all administrators must deal with and it doesn't seem to go away. I agree that it is a non-issue since most of the men wear their hats in the school anyway. Suggestion, if the staff is really set on this, have them patrol it, come up with the consequences and monitor. Since it isn't an educational issue, I would ask how this impacts the learning. If it is the will of the staff, then tell them you will back it but you won't monitor it. It will be up to the teachers to monitor. Have them come up with a committee to discuss, suggest that they have parents and students involved in making the policy and then present it to the SCC and the staff.