Monday, April 09, 2007


I have had a stressful couple of weeks, but I’m beginning to feel the anticipation and excitement. I have to hold off though, because there is MUCH to do before then!

I was offered the position of Principal at my school beginning this fall, and I accepted! But before I can begin planning and work I have to get through the next couple of months. I have just finished my second last University class, and I have one more to do which begins in May. It will be a tough one because I am required to drive to Regina twice a week for six weeks – the hard part is the distance (two hours one way). We also have our graduation coming up the first weekend in May, but I really don’t have to do too much – everyone at my school really pitches in and helps. I am organizing a fundraiser for our Grade 11 exchange trip which will take most of the weekend of April 20/21. Also, I help to coach Senior Badminton and we have games all next week – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night. We then begin play-offs for two weekends in a row. Plus, my own two kids… For them, they are really between seasons. My daughter will begin baseball, and my son is already into golf. He is in Kelowna right now on a provincial golf camp, and he is loving it.

Anyway, I know that I can get through the next two months… With or without sleep. I’m very excited about this weekend, because I’m flying to Vancouver with two of my sisters to participate in the Vancouver Sun Run!

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Kelly Christopherson said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I remember my anticipation of having my first principal position. I'd like to offer my advice, for what it is worth. Having done this twice now, I know that looking ahead can be hard to avoid. With my second move, I did things a bit different. First, I listed the things that needed to be accomplished before the end of the year with their date and then I posted them on my deskcalendar in bold. These were my Have Too's. I then listed the things I needed to do to be ready for my job in the fall and placed them in my July/August. I gave myself holiday - no thinking time. I found the SPDU - administrator guide (can't remember the name but it was very helpful to id things I needed to do for September. I then tackled things as they came along so as not to get ahead of myself. It worked okay.
If you haven't gone to the Principal's short course - give it a try. I waited too long! Good luck, keep in touch. You'll make it!