Monday, April 16, 2007

Vancouver Sun Run

The Sun Run was fantastic! I wasn't sure how I would enjoy running shoulder to shoulder with almost 55 000 strangers, but it was amazing!

I starter under the green and it took me 58 minutes and some seconds to finish the 10K route. I didn't break any records, actually not even close. I was placed at 11 000 something or other, so technicially I finished in the top half - even the top quarter, not bad for a first time. If I decide to do it again, or another run of this type, I think I might do a little serious training - trying it three times before hardly qualifies as training...

I went with two of my sisters and we stayed with our first cousin who works as an air traffic controller. It was my fist time in Vancouver and it was great! Anyway, I'm exhausted - pathetic eh?

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