Monday, May 18, 2009

27 More School Days

27 More school days as student contact days, and it is causing me a little stress. I have to finish (okay start) planning class configurations for the fall, but that won't take too long. I already have it "planned". Things will look fairly similar to last year, but the exciting part is the planning for team teaching. There are several ideas and plans in the works. My senior ELA/History teacher wants to do some team teaching with me for Grade 12 ELA and History... I think this will work well, and I could learn more CDN history. I'm not sure exactly how we will set this up on the timetable (how many classes we will actually be teaching together, how we will organize the planning...) Maybe we'll get a chance to meet this week to discuss.

I am worried about all of the needs for subs; this needs to be addressed. I need subs for track, golf, middle years' renewal, class trips, a few more prep days, ROS and NS days.

We are busy planning our awards day and finishing up our PGP meetings with staff. I am also considering our school goals for the fall. We have discussed some ideas including differentiated instruction (we did a little PD around this already), continue with math and writing. We don't need to include guided reading or technology anymore. This is going well- intgrated into practice...

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