Sunday, March 15, 2009

Learning Day

We had a great day on Friday with team teaching in full swing! We just don't know what works well until we try it and take a chance. My grade 3/4 teacher sent me an email and said that their afternoon went well. She was team teaching with the Grade 1/2 teacher and they were focusing on reading. They used the Smart Board, groupings, activities.. This is what she wrote!

Just thought you might want to know that our afternoon was a great success. The students so enjoyed being together and Munsch’s own rendition of the Paper Bag Princess off of the SmartBoard. They were able to do the quiz at the end with 100% accuracy and enjoyed working in groups of 4 to put the events of the story in order from a set of cards and then share the orders. They also enjoyed the muffins and juice (thank you) and then in partners created paper bag princess puppets which are hanging in the hallway by Christa’s door.

We decided that we will do more of these collaborative afternoons together.

I was working in the gym with about 100 middle years' students on pi day with two other math teachers and we had a great time, measuring, sharing,and eating pi. We had fun and we are going to plan more of these days - focusing on differentiated instruction.