Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Busy or Crazy

I think I am forgetting who I am...

In the last few days I have had:
- my life threatened - and I am pressing charges
- organize and hold an open house today, because a neighbouring school has closed down. We want to to make them feel welcome and accepted if they choose to come to our school.
- I have driven 4 hours to go to a University class (last night)
- to submit an assignment for my class
- working on a 20-30 page seminar report
- creating a staff survey
- to attend two evening meetings - one I just came home from where I created a presentation about our school
- I could go on and on - but I still feel hestitant over sharing all of my thoughts with the world. I do plan on writing a book one day to tell all of the things in my life, but not yet. My life is still tied precariously to others.
- not to mention - teaching half time - OK- that attempt was poor today
- I have to write a math test for Friday
- and my kids - one has a music recital tomorrow night


Dean Shareski said...

The work of school administrators is indeed a tiring and often thankless job. As an outside observer of the work you do with kids, I'm an admirer of your commitment and desire to help kids learn and develop.

Sounds like you need a break and hope you find one soon. As always continue to share your work and contribute to good conversations about learning.

Kelly Christopherson said...

Whew! That was quite the list of things you've been through. My advice - for what it's worth - let it go. I know that it sounds stupid but, take things one at a time, don't let the problems overlap into the good times and know that you will survive and thrive from this experience. Those of us that have been tuning in know that you have what it takes. And take care of yourself. You don't have to carry the whole thing by yourself. You do no one any good if you crash yourself. I do know the name of a good counselor - I will highly recommend ;)