Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Not So Good Day...

If today there is no full moon, I don't want to go back to school. Plain and simple. Today, I had "discussions" with more kids than I think I had in the entire year, or so it seemed. My colleagues tell me that I sometimes tend to exaggerate, but I really don't think I do.

In addition, my laptop is gone with the technician. I hope he drops it somewhere along the way; it has never worked properly from day one, which has only been about seven months. Today, he found that the touchpad does not work properly, so now he is going to blank the entire machine. He took it to repair it about 3 weeks ago, and it worked for perhaps an hour or so. He is an excellent technician; I keep telling him that it is just a dud. Hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong; my brother works as a computer system anaylst and he tells me that 1 out of every 4 machines do not work exactly they way that they should. Now maybe he told me this when he was having a computer moment; I'm not sure...

What else... My daughter plays hockey on two teams, and one is finished; my son plays for the Midgets and they are done. Anyway, the two teams that should be finished, apparently are not. Everyone now wants to play exhibition games. I admire the organizers and coaches thier energy, dedication and enthuiasm for the sport. But, some of us are ready to move on to the next thing.

Educational issues.. The Education Act states, "Every pupil is accountable to the principal's general deportment at any time that the pupil is under the supervision of the school and members of the teaching staff, including the time spent in travelling between the school and the pupil's place of residence." I have some difficulty comprehending this issue, and I have consistently interpreted this as the time that elementary students are walking to and from school. I have disciplined several elementary students for fighting/bullying incidents on the way to and from school. This could before school, at lunch and after school. I do have concerns over the legalities of students who drive around at lunch hour, before and after school. If senior students are choosing to take alternate routes/methods to and from school what control do I want/need to have over this. I have heard of administrators keeping student keys at the office over lunch hour, but this seems too uncontrollable and risky. I find this a a very "grey" area... I need to write a news article on this subject, so I'm going to remind students that they may be disciplined under this section of the Education Act.

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