Saturday, March 07, 2009

Great Extra - Curr This Weekend!

Today we are hosting Senior Boys' Conference and it looks like our boys are off to Regionals! At noon they defeated Davidson, my old home town, in a bit of nail bitter! It was an exciting game, tied at half, and we ended up winning by about 15 points! Excellent Team Work Boys!

Last night my daughter who is playing Midget girls' hockey won the first of three against Elrose. They won 4-3 in overtime and my girl got the winning assist. She had a great shot on net and the Captain put in the rebound! Elrose comes back to play Game #2 on Wednesday. Tomorrow they play Game #1 for Provincials, South Final, against Fort Quappelle.

I talked to my son yesterday who is attending University in New Mexico to study and to play golf. He said that his game is coming along well. He has been working really hard and he loves it! He is also really enjoying his classes and he is moving into a pre-med degree. He sounded great, but I really miss him!

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