Thursday, March 27, 2008


I have been enjoying my Easter holidays, and I am presently in Minot with my daughter and my mother. My mom decided that we should take a little holiday and since my husband has to work and my son is golfing it up in Utah, I thought why not? We are going to do some shopping and some swimming today, so how does it get any better?

The school year has been going by so quickly and I am feeling mixed emotions. I am a little sad that my boy is graduating will be moving away to school, but yet I am so very excited for him. He did very well on his SAT's and he has opportunities to head to the states on academic and athletic scholarships which is his dream. I am also quite excited that my first year as principal is almost over because I have learned tremendously and just like the first time you try anything, you just know that you will be much better the next time. In addition, I was feeling such grief 0ver the loss of my brother through most of the year, I know that I completed many tasks with only a small percentage of my being.

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