Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gardner and Technology

I plan to heed the advice of Howard Gardner (2000). He states that educators need to focus on two broad goals at all times, including the discourse on technology integration. The first goal should focus on students becoming certain kinds of adults. For example if we want our children to become civil then we need to develop their interpersonal skills. Video simulations and chats can create virtual reality situations. The second goal, according to Gardner (2000) is to get students to understand the major ways of thinking. Using technology, children can understand theory development, test hypotheses. If students are studying the causes of World War I, they can use newspapers, photos and models. Technology can become a viable and efficient medium to teach these goals. Materials are easy to access, they are vivid and fun. They address the multiple ways of knowing. Technology also provides speed and traverses great distances.

Gardner (2000) cautions educators:
Clearly, a marriage of education and technology could be consummated. But it will only be a happy marriage if those charged with education remain clear on what they want to achieve for our children and vigilant that the technology serves these ends. Otherwise like other technologies, the new ones could end up spawning apathy, alienation, or yet another phalanx of consumers. (p.35)

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Kelly Christopherson said...

I agree with your comment that we must be careful that while we are charging into this technological era. To do so blindly will lead to much the same results as Normandy - we may gain the beach but at what cost and will it bring the freedom that we expect? Very good point!