Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Few Difficult Days

Difficult days

I’m certainly not a poet like Kelly, and if only I could sound as eloquent as several other bloggers… I guess this is part of the reason why they blog. I started to blog as an experiment – just to see if I could. Then I continued to blog for my grad studies. Now, I’m blogging to connect. I simply could not have fathomed the connections – from people in positions just like me, to gurus and experts. I have been spending time perusing elearnspace, which takes about Connectivism, and until I began this journey into rss feeds, checking my google reader each day, I really didn’t contemplate the possibility of such a journey. For the past few days, I have been pondering over my learning. As June 30th looms ahead, I have been worried about many things. I will be finished my Master’s Degree – where will I find those invaluable leads? Colleagues are moving/retiring. Technology is changing so rapidly – how will I continue to grow.. Where can I continue to study?

Now I know where I have some “connections”!

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Kelly Christopherson said...


Thanks for support but I'll keep the job I have before I rely on my writing talent! I know that it is essential for us to support each other as colleagues, especially when it can be a very isolated position. That was one thing I really struggled with when I moved into my position. I've come to realize, and accept, that as much as I would like the teachers around me to see me as another teacher, my role is as a "boss", as one teacher put it. It's hard to make that move sometimes since I really enjoyed the relationships I had with the other teachers in previous schools. But, I think that I have an important role and accept that, to be successful, I will not have the same relationships with staff members as I had before. That is why I find this so important. I have to vp which means I am a team of 1. This is where I go to find people to network and build relationships. It's different but I'm finding it to be better in some ways. Keep up the writing. You have some great ideas.