Friday, February 23, 2007


What’s working well? Well, I think that there are several things that are going well. I think that my journey into blogging is going well. I enjoyed reading Jeff Boulton’s discussion on connectivism – how this peripheral medium facilitates this new learning theory. After perusing a few sites, I realize that this theory seems to be a combination of theories including behaviorism and constructivism. Bloggin allows us to create a community of learners. My next step is to begin the filtering process – creating those connections that I find fit into my situated context of learning.

What brings you great pride and joy? I enjoy watching people learn. Yesterday when I was on a road trip for my son’s midget hockey team I spent some time chatting with my sister-in-law, which we often do, but it isn’t always about learning. She was talking about her community college class, how much she loves the technology and what she is learning. She was so excited talking about PowerPoint and Access. When people are learning and loving to learn, you can see so much pride and fulfillment in their eyes. This makes me happy.

How have you made a difference for good in the lives of those you serve? I can never know for sure; I just hope I have helped a few along the way…

What brings you quiet satisfaction? I really appreciate when other colleagues discuss the important issues. I don’t want to hear the negatives, unless I have to… I want to hear ideas, collaboration and excitement. For too long, (the first ten years of my career) it seemed almost taboo to ask others for help and ideas. This absolutely and completely confused me. I just could not understand the point of this – we weren’t in a race, (I like to win those), there were no big prizes at the end of the day.

What have you learned over the last few months? That is a big question for me today! I have learned so much over the past few months! I have learned more about blogging, podcasts, assessment from Stiggins, connectivism, and much more! I have been reflecting on my journey as a teacher, for my EC & I paper which I am working on. I have learned about problem based learning from our curriculum consultant…. No wonder I’m exhausted!

How can you use this information (above) to move your organization forward? This is the golden question. I feel very strongly that PD needs to be mandated. Teachers are too busy, and I know that many of you are thinking, we’re all busy, it’s just an excuse… Most individuals, professional or not, do not know exactly what professional development will do for them until someone guides and/or pushes them to the starting line… I am going to continue to share my knowledge with my staff and students, and hopefully some of my excitement will rub off on them!

I think that Jeff and Steve should try..... answering.... with very profound answers.


Steve M said...


Thanks for the challenge or should I say homework assignment! I am getting into this blogging thing and enjoy the potential for connections with others. I like the look of your blog and your posts. Keep up the good work!


Dean Shareski said...


The challenge of filtering out content is tricky. On the one hand, the massive amounts of information and connections available can be overwhelming and we indeed need to find ways to manage it. On the other hand, we run the risk of tightening our groups such that we fall victim to living in "echo chambers"

The challenge in balancing those that interest us and are in the same professional fields and being open to hearing alternate perspectives.

Thanks for responding to the tag....I had a hunch you'd write something interesting.