Monday, February 12, 2007

A Girl Like Me

I was perusing a couple of blogs when I watched a short video:

Perhaps I've had a rough weedend and day, with many troubling issues, including a tragic event in a neighbouring community. Other issues include community sports and approaching deadlines for my Univserity class. In addition, I've been feeling sick, along with my daughter. While I was groaning and trying to sleep last night, my husband was tending her while she was vomiting much of the night.

Anyway, this particular short video, caused me to recall my intense feelings towards acceptance. I have always been passionate about human rights. One issue that I have come across over and over in my experience is the intolerance and abuse towards people who are of an alternate sexual orientation.

I think my human rights' soap box was built as a result of one of my relatives who kept her brother's existence a secret from me for about thirty years. I learned of his existence when he died; he had been institutionalized his entire life because he was mentally challenged. I was shocked. I thought we were past that; this was about five years ago. While teaching, I have contiunally heard many slanderous comments towards students with differences, including slow learning and sexual orientation. My sister has Down's Syndrome and she is a beautiful young lady who seems to be accepted by society. Of course, this would not have been true fifty years ago, or in my relative's case, at all. I believe that we are learning; it's just a very slow process.

Anyway, back the the video. It angers me when I hear young people who are so sad because of what society expects from them, regardless of what it is: skin color, sexual orientation, intelligence, or body image. To me, this is key issue when we are standing in front of our classes each and every day.

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Kelly Christopherson said...

Hi Catherine,

I like your ideas. As an administrator in West Central Sask, I know the issues you are facing in trying to get people to buy into the technology idea. I have had a staff wiki for about 2 months with little additions. I also have an admin blog for our admin PLC group that really isn't getting that much attention. But I keep trying! I have been using podcasts for a few months and have been using them in my CPT10 & 20 PAA class. They are wonderful things it's just too bad I can't get my older kids to buy in. We also have a few from the grades one/two class - they are awesome. My trouble is finding the time to upload the work!! I use audacity and podomatic to record and transfer. Both can be found on the web. I am also working on using itunes and Garageband but I need a bit more work with these two. If you check out my blog, you can listen to two of our podcasts. Welcome to the blogosphere!!